Top 8 Best Siri Alternatives for Android 2020

There is no doubt that everyone knows about Siri. Siri is an Apple’s personal voice assistant that has become popular among the iPhone users. Hence, Siri has become so useful for the users as it helps and solves all your problems in various tasks easily. Meanwhile, Apple makes lots of different but best Software which is used and loved by millions of people in the world. In fact, Apple’s operating system runs so smoothly that’s the reason why people wish to have just like a Siri app on their Android Smartphone as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for just like a Siri app on your Android mobile phone then we are here to help you guys. There are lots of voice assistants which are available in the market, but still, it is hard to find out the good ones. So, here after doing lots of research we have found the best Siri for Android alternatives that will help you out to keep track on your important stuff in your daily life. So, let’s get down to business here now.

Best Siri for Android Alternatives:

As you know Voice assistant has become so popular, without them your daily life has become easier and simpler. It helps you to manage and solve all your important tasks by simply assisting you through voice computer program. So, if you are looking for some fun and make your work easier then here are few of Android assistant which we have listed here. Let’s begin.

1. Google Allo:

Without any doubt, Google Allo is our first preference which is just similar to Siri for Android. It is a voice assistant app which is available on Google Play Store. Apart from voice assistant, it comes with lots of amazing features includes you can directly swipe right through your mobile home screen, has quick access for searching anything, and much more.

In addition to that, it has advanced features like voice activation wherever you go, anticipating all your needs and much more.

Google Allo

2. Cortana:

If you need your personal assistant then Cortana is the perfect app for you. However, Cortana is still in the process of development, but yet this app has the capability to get done all your work smoothly on Android device.

Apart from that, it comes with lots of features like you can send SMS, email, call your friends, take a note and much more. Cortana might be a little bit complicated to use as an assistant for Android, but then it is much better than any other apps.


3. ANDY Voice Assistant :

Andy is also a voice assistant, personal assistant which is designed for Android devices. Therefore, it is a great app and a good companion for every student in the world. Here, when it comes to solving any subjects like History, science and much more then Andy is there as your personal assistant.

Apart from that, Andy also helps the student by helping them with their homework, reading them texts and much more. Therefore, this voice assistant makes the student lives easier and simple.

ANDY Voice Assistant

4. Top Assistant:

Top assistant is the most powerful personal assistant, but then it is nothing like Siri but it is a very useful app for Android users. Here in this app, you don’t need to speak a word. However, you will need to do everything manually just simply by touching the screen.

Apart from that, this app does multi-tasking and work with almost on every Android device.  It functions like wish to dial a number, send emails and much more than this app will surely help you out easily.

Top Assistant

5. Robin:

When you need someone to assist you while you are on the road then Robin is the right app for you. Robin is a voice assistant available on Google Play store; it is light and fast digital assistant app. However, when you look at the interface of the app it doesn’t look so good but then it is very helpful for all the Android users.

Apart from that, it comes with lots of features like it helps you to navigate anywhere you wish to find, Gas stations, Traffic, weather and much more. The best thing about this app is that the icon of the app has a very catchy look which attracts many Android users.


6. Indigo Virtual Assistant:

Here comes another best Android Assistant Indigo Virtual Assistant, which is the best-looking app as compared to other apps. Hence, you can take or carry this app anywhere you go and also turn your daily work like a fun task.

Apart from that, it comes with numerous features like can control music on the go, translate anything, helps you in navigation, and much more.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

7. AIVC (Alice):

Alice is your personal assistant that helps you to do all your important things quickly and easily. Hence, this app is very useful, especially for Android users. With the help Alice, you can ask anything or give her instructions like weather, time, call someone, reminders and much more.

Therefore, if you don’t want any fancy voice assistant but want for simple that will assist you in keeping tracks of all the important things them Alice app is the right one for you.


8. EVA:

If you need a good voice assistant then EVA is the one. EVA is also a good personal assistant app for Android. However, when you see the design of the app seems to be a little bit boring but yet it is useful. Apart from that, it brings lots of amazing features like can reply and read back to the incoming instant messages, can activate the voice app just by shaking your mobile, time-based reminder and much more.

However, this app provides free version trial just for 28 days and when it comes to paid version of Siri for Android, there won’t be any time limit which will be removed completely. Yet EVA is a fast and reliable app for Android users and provides the best guidance as well.


Final Verdict:

In the above mention, these are the best Siri for Android Alternatives which will be useful for you. Therefore, all these voice assistant apps for Android are the best one and also compatible with another device as well. So, choose anyone of them in the list; start using it as your personal assistant and make your important work done easily just by voice navigation and much more. However, these apps might not be the best as compare to Apple’s Siri app but yet it is quite helpful for Android users by making their daily life easier and simpler.

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